Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zoo trip = Much love

It's been one of those days where you want to eat your kids for the cuteness.  Good thing too - I'm sure there will be enough "ENOUGH!" moments in the next few days that getting a day like today in the "bank" is a good thing. 

We had Oldest's Fall Feast today - here's some love being shared.  Note the "full of brownie" mouths.

After nap, the zoo.  Ahhhh, the zoo. 

One of our Family Favorites.  Wildlights at the Zoo?  REALLY one of our family favorites.  The lights, the dark, the animals, Santa.  Truly one of the most fun things we do during the holidays.   Did ya know the Columbus Zoo has been rated #1 in the country by USA travel?  Jack Hanna rocks, and so does his zoo. 

You know what else is awesome about the zoo?  Pictures with Santa and "Frosty." 

And last, but not least, pictures with Santa, Youngest style, showing off her new "smile with your teeth" smile.  Priceless stuff. 
Good luck with cooking and traveling today. 

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