Friday, November 27, 2009

A Day Late Not a Dollar Short

I have a confession to make.  My big plan to host Thankgiving for 18 people - for the first time?  It didn't happen yesterday.  Yesterday we went out to eat, just the 4 of us, for Thankgiving.  Ahhhhh, relaxing bliss. 

The 18 person extravaganza happens today, people!  Yesterday, while everyone was doing the eating after the preparing, I was doing the preparing in anticipation of today's eating.  

I LIKE it this way.  I like that Husband's family is so flexible that they are willing, happy even, to do Thanksgiving a day late.  Now that (almost) all of us are married, it also opens the door nicely for married couples not having to make a choice between one family or another.  And it gives our immediate family a chance for a day of quality time.

That is good. 

Today, I'll make ask everyone to do the typical "go around the room and say what you're thankful for" bit.  Here's mine:

My first Thanksgiving with your family was in 1998.  I snuck into the bathroom off and on that whole day, crying for the loneliness I felt.  I didn't feel like I was part of your family - and I missed my family and our traditions so much.  That was a hard year. 

Since then, I've learned to be thankful for so much from your family, and mine.

To Husband's "side:" 

I am thankful for your obessession with sports, which means you won't be looking into the corners of my house to find where I forgot to clean/shoved extra stuff.  You will be too busy with TV. Go "whatever team it is you're interested in today!"

I am thankful you all are so easy to please. 

I am thankful that you trusted me to cook this meal for you today.  No matter how it turns out.  Gulp.  And no matter how panicked I've woken up this morning, thinking if everyone ate another Thanksgiving meal yesterday, does that mean no one's going to eat everything I've done for today? 

I am thankful to feel a part of your family fully now, and that you all look at my quirks with only mild bemusement.

To my "side:"

I am thankful that you taught me, over years of watching, how to do my own thanksgiving.

I am thankful that my Mom and Dad fielded 6 calls from me yesterday morning as I "refreshed" my memory of how to do it.  No matter how old and capable a person becomes, sometimes Mommy really is the only one who can help.  And I am so grateful to still have her.

I am thankful that I talked to my sister, who reminded me that the turkey is the only thing that will fit in the oven for 6 hours and I needed to plan accordingly.

I am thankful that although our "side" doesn't do Thanksgiving together, we are still together in spirit.

To "my" family:

I am thankful to Husband for taking those kids outta the house spending some quality time with his girls yesterday and today so that I could do the hard stuff on my own (with a little phone help).  They had quite the adventure, I'm told!  Finding an open restaurant on T-giving Day, among other things.  Like a drum set.  Huh?

I am thankful that God gave me this awesome life. 

I am so thankful that we decided on Friday instead of Thursday for the full meal here.  Who needs Black Friday?  Seriously, I'm asking.  What do you get that MUST be gotten on Black Friday?  Nothing has ever motivated me out of a warm bed that early unless it was a living thing needing fed.   

I am thankful that our puppy, Lilly, seems to be settling in and not having as many sleepless nights and potty-fests in our house.  Today is Friday, though, the big overnight test

See you tomorrow!

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