Monday, November 30, 2009

NaBloPoMo - What I Learned

I came.  I registered.  I blogged daily.  For 30 days. 

What do I have to show for it? 

Should it be another T-shirt? 
I blogged for 30 days and
all I got was this lousy
sticker on my

I could do the t-shirt, because I doubt I'm getting any tangible rewards from it.  No prizes, I'm sure.  Too many other people in the running, plus I forgot to add my blog to NaBloPoMo's blogroll until about 2 days ago, so I'm loooooooooooow on the list. 

But I have intangible rewards.  I've learned things from doing this for 30 days straight.

  1. Blogging 30 days in a row, during one of the busiest Falls I've ever had, has been exhausting.  But so's having a puppy, chairing a strategic plan, executing my first Thanksgiving, helping a neighbor at 2am last night (don't ask, just suffice it to say yet another weekend night that Missy's sleep went out the window - NOT by choice).  So why not now, right?  It was a great time to see if I could do it and I could!
  2. I was forced to write about things other than complaining about the hard parts of parenting.  Even I can't come up with whining for 30 days straight!
  3. I learned to think outside the box and tried to pay better attention to the little things. 
  4. I raised my readership significantly.  Including inviting some family members to the site - which was terrifying.  But ultimately rewarding - so far.  Couple of people just learned Friday, so we'll see if I get any hate mail.  ;)
  5. I had fun!  Even on the days when I didn't really want to do it.   
Most of the time I'm a realist.  Therefore, I'm not going to say "Hip, Hip, Hurray!  This was SO wonderful!  I'm doin' it every day for the rest of my natural born life!" 

It's December.  Also known as the "most wonderful time of the year."  Sometimes coined as "so much fun it's painful."  Always known as "the month you can barely find your fanny with both hands because they're always so full of your December tasks." 

So here is my promise.  FIVE days a week, instead of 7.  I think that's reasonable, don't you?  I'm taking Tuesdays and Saturdays off in December. 

Then in January, I really do intend to ramp back up to 7 days a week.  This blog is making me a better person.  Swear.  Why?  Because I have an outlet.  Instead of these thoughts swirling " 'round me head like a whirlpool with nowheres to go," I can get it onto "paper" and improve my mental health.  It really is less expensive than therapy!  Couple hours lost sleep a day and "hurrah!"  Instant zen.

So see you Wednesday.  Tomorrow I'm eating bon-bons and watching the Price is Right after sleeping in until 10:30.  I've earned it.

What?  I still have a family to nurture?  Oh rats.  Then tomorrow I'm doing everything I've ignored since last Tuesday.  My to-do list is 31 items long.  And that's all extra "stuff."  Not just the day to day upkeep of life. 

Wednesday?  Dunno - but it'll be better than working on that list, I'll bet! 

Happy Monday!  You KNOW it's my fave day of the week. 

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