Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Comin' Out and other Updates Over Here

When you read the title, make sure you sing it Diana Ross style.  The link should help get your groove on this morning. 

For several reasons, I'm removing a wee bit o'my anonymity. 
  1. It's kind of a pain to keep my real name out of things.  I don't feel like ME.  Kinda like when I went to college and tried to become Melissa b/c I thought that sounded more academic.  Then I wouldn't answer to Melissa, making myself seem a little slow on the updraw, if you know what I mean. 
  2. I am already "out" on NaBloPoMo and Blog Frog.  Oops.  Still working out my "technical education" with blogging.
  3. I might have something fun and exciting in the works, which will require a little less anonymity for me.  But mum's the word for now. 
So check out my profile!  Real name, real town, and that's pretty much it.  A girl's gotta have limits, doesn't she?  Plus I gussied up my title a little - prettied up the colors.  What I REALLY want is a pretty picture like I see on some of you other awesome blogs out there.  Baby steps, baby steps.

Anyhoo, Saturday turned out pretty well after its totally awesome, couldn't get any better start.  Why, you ask?  Buckeyes beat Michigan.  That's pretty much it. 

Kidding.  We went to a fun theme party for the game.  Bacon.  Yes, bacon.  Why?  I know not, but I can say Youngest ate maybe 10 pieces and didn't even throw up!  People were calling her the party animal.  I think we're just going to start calling her the Carnivore. 

At the party, they served bacon, bacon cinnamon rolls, bacon and eggs, BLTs, bacon hash browns, fatback, bacon brownies, chocolate covered bacon.  Odd?  Yes, but oddly fascinating and fun too.  Did I mention the Buckeyes won, so everything else is acceptable?

Just so ya know, I didn't start my "life" in Columbus as a Buckeye fan.  I didn't even go to Ohio State.  Too big for little ol' moi.  But at some point, fan-dom just happens here.  I'm no die hard.  I don't think putting my children in the same outfit every week means they'll win.  I've never tailgated or even gone to a game.  Hello?  Porta-potties not my thang!  I don't "bleed scarlet and gray," as the saying goes around here.

But I do like them now.  I follow them.  I plan fall events around them - have to or else no one will come on  game days.  My brother in law just got married and picked an away, non-Big 10 game to celebrate the life long commitment of marriage.  The MOMENT the groomsmen walked back down the aisle at the end, guess how many were checking their phones for the score?  Yes, pretty much all of them.  That, I don't get. 

So what about you?  Do you live in a college town that eats, sleeps, breathes football or basketball?  How is it different from pro sports?  Is it? 

Happy Monday - my favorite day of the week! 

Finally signing off as Missy instead of Miss E - "contented sigh" of relief  :)
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