Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Thanks a Little Early

NaBloPoMo's pretty tough on the weekends, isn't it? 

No big revelations about life today hidden in pennies.  Just the usual:

  • Birthday party for Oldest at a movie theatre and that freaks me out.  I don't think I'm ready to leave her with one parent and I don't know how many kids in a darkened theatre.  Youngest and I will be right outside the door pumpkin, don't you worry.  Signed, Not a Helicopter Parent, Swear!

  • Youngest - no nap for two days and she's sleeping for S**T at night due to her pacifier addiction and stuffed up nose.  Vaporizer isn't helping.  Me tired. 

  • Husband's tailgating today - probably about 8 hours worth - this might be annoying except he's taking the girls for a two hour morning jaunt while mommy does the things I haven't done during two days of no naps.  Like eat bonbons.  Hurray for me!  Thanks to him!

  • We had date night last night.  Even if Youngest cried when we left, saying "please don't go to dinner wiffout me, Mommy," it was/is/will always be one of the most important things we do.

  • 16 shows are logged on the DVR right now - how and when does one catch up with that?  January?

  • I haven't started any of my 4 remaining books to reach my lowest level threshold for the year yet.  I'm sure it will be easier if I put it off a little longer.

  • I haven't even started the perfectionism post for tomorrow.  Talk about going to deadline.  I don't work that way.  I hope it doesn't reek.

Some people don't have STUFF like this in their lives.  I am thankful I do.  I am blessed.  No matter what crazy/zany/ACK! moments today brings.  I am thankful.
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