Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Husband's Family Finds Me Strange

As promised, here is the Thanksgiving ramp-up email I sent my in-laws over the weekend.  They're a pretty quiet group (in that they don't back-stab, gossip or call people on the carpet for transgressions - when it comes to sports, however, they bring new definition to the word LOUD).  Sometimes I wonder if they really think I'm a few hours shy of a cooked turkey.   This is me trying to be funny about my terror over attempting to pull off T-giving for the first time with no time to prepare.  Maybe I'll write a post about what that feels like really.  Maybe I'll ask for help from all of you. 

Read on:

Gobble, gobble everyone!

First, thank you for your prompt replies to the voting. As you know, it concluded yesterday. I am pleased to announce the results. By overwhelming majority (unlike the casino issue), FRIDAY is the winner. We had 10 adult voters - 8 for Friday, 2 for Thursday but with the ability to do Friday and 2 people who failed to vote because they are lost in the Bermuda triangle. I HOPE they find their way back by T-giving. And I hope you two crazy kids had fun!

I think I will plan dinner for 4ish pm. You are welcome to come any time that day, as long as it's after 3pm. Just kidding. Anytime after noon is fine. Remember, this is Miss E's first fully prepared Thanksgiving meal (and Husband is SOOO excited to carve his first bird, which he is learning about as he reads this) , so let's plan on being flexible about that 4pm stuff. If I, for example, realize at 8am that the turkey isn't thawed, we might need to push it back a day or so. :) Plus, if there's any wine sipping while relaxedly cooking all day, that might slow things down too.

And, HERE are your assignments! Enjoy. I know we can't wait!

AJ - rolls, cranberry salad and more wit like in that email. I wouldn't thumb my nose at toffee either . . .

CJ - cheesy corn - I'm not sure if this is a play on words about a certain personality type or a real dish, but look forward to learning the answer

PC - green bean casserole and Son! The girls are obssessed with him - Youngest woke up crying this morning that he was gone. You can bring Daughter too, but she can only have 2 slices of turkey (she's only 4 months old, before anyone comments on my rudeness - it's WIT - she's not "eating" yet).

JR - drink makings for the magic punch - let me know if you want me to get the sherbert. Maybe a couple of other drink choices too? I will get the alcohol. I'm so nice that way. Your little darlings, too, of course!

DR - can you do pies (Mmmmm, Donkey LIKE pie), paper plates for dessert and cups? We can talk about whether you have any other must-dos that you like.

Miss E and H - turkey, dressing, potatoes, sweet potato casserole, gravy, and some surprises b/c that's how we roll here.

PLUS - somebody needs to bring party games! Husband's not going to be the sole provider of entertainment you know. He has boundaries. That I'm sure I'm crossing in this email repeatedly. ;) But he didn't marry me b/c I was boring, did he?

I will let the cat out of the bag now that we have our new dining room table! Our chairs still leave a little to be desired, and I think even in its extended form, it's going to seat 10 comfortably, so we might have to draw straws to see what Big Boy or Girl gets to join the kid's table. Or better, have a World's Strongest In-Law contest.

The Christmas gifting poll, you ask? Seems like everyone is OK to give up the sibling exchange and everyone likes just buying for godchildren. And people don't want to expand to all children. We can finalize that day. Over drinks.

Allrighty then! I think that covers it. Looks like I'm already on the crazy train as I read through this, which tells me THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR IS ALREADY HERE!

20 days, baby, 20 days!

Oh, and if people want to do overnights Th/Fr or Fr/Sa, please contact ASAP for coordination.

Much love. 

Miss E
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