Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emergency Room, Anyone?

My life has become a comedy or errors, as a good friend mentioned yesterday, BEFORE this happened.  Either that, or God's reminding me what we REALLY need to be thankful for.  Safe, healthy children.

Youngest fell into one of our window wells yesterday on the way to the car to pick up Oldest from school.  She cracked her head on a cinder block as she tumbled, truly somersaulted into it.  It's a pretty deep well for a two year old, apparently. 

How did she do it, you ask?  I'm pretty sure she was showing me her newest move, the "dancy pants," where she wiggle walks while saying "I'm dancy pants, I'm dancy pants."  It all kind of blurs together though, one minute she was walking to the car, the next she was tumbling into the window well.

So she's fine.  I'll just get that out of the way.  3 stitches to the back of the head, but fine.  You can see by the pictures below that she loved every minute of her little trippy-poo to the ER.  And I have to say she was the bravest girl EVER.  Didn't squirm ONCE when getting her stitches (to the back of the head, no less, so they basically held her face down on the table for about 5 minutes to do it). 

Oldest, after getting over her terror that her sister was going to die (the blood on my sweater - cashmere - of course!  I would ruin nothing less), handled herself quite well too.  Stellar, actually. 

Me?  I'm pretty good about the injury.  It was a freak thing and these things happen, I know!  What I'm most freaked out about is their exposure to H1N1 for the 3 hours we were there.  I'm pretty sure we were 3 of 75 patients in the ER there for something besides Swine Flu.  Shocking, really.  Aren't people reading the paper where it says to stay home unless it's serious? 

I mean maybe they all were serious.  I don't know.  I just really, REALLY wished I hadn't brought them into such a hotbed of germs as the bleeding subsided and I'm thinking I overreacted and she really didn't need to go to the ER.  I was even thinking up t-shirts I could make for us:

My Kids Came to Children's Hospital
for Stitches and All They Got was
this Lousy Swine Flu

I thought it was catchy, even if a little off-color.  But when people are surrounding you with fevers, hacking and barfing from a pandemic, sometimes a little levity is what gets you through. 

So anyway.  We FINALLY made our way to a doctor and the minor walk down the hall broke it back open, which of course led to VINDICATION for MAMMA!  I DID make the right decision after all!  Plus, I got these great pics - I mean seriously, can it get any cuter?

This was her waiting for the local anesthetic to kick in.  Now, maybe the t-shirt will read:

We went to Children's for Stitches
and Came Home with
H1N1, Stitches, AND
this Awesome Mummy Wrap!

People, I'm not making light of any of this because I'm callous.  It's my way of clinging to the narrow thread of composure I grabbed when I pulled Youngest away from my body and saw the blood all over my shirt and hers. 

This is my second What If X Had Happened with a child in a little over 48 hours.   Check out Monday's post to see my what if with Oldest.  I'm feeling extraordinarily more thankful tonight than I ever thought possible when I wrote that (now laughable) post about Thankfulness Saturday morning. 

Life is good.  Life is good.  Life is good.
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