Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Copyrights and Licenses

I had my NaBloPoMo topic all prepared for today.  I even had it titled in draft mode.  Then instead of spending last night writing about that topic, I researched and copied code, drafted and edited my Copyright and Licensing widgets. 

I am happy it's accomplished and thank those of you for your great, GREAT advice last week.  I'm taking each piece of advice and implementing it in baby steps.  And thank goodness, it took me an hour to do what I wanted to do with Copyrights and Licenses! 

So today's post is, what do we call it during football season?  A punt?  Yes, today's post is a punt - making sure I'm meeting the 30 posts in 30 days challenge, but no brain left to write because I exhausted myself with copyrights instead. 

Tomorrow = better.  Promise.

But while you're here- take a looky-look at the bottom of my page and see my work from last night.  Tell me if I hit it or if I continue to earn the Blogging Buffoon award. 

And here's a cute picture from the weekend to make myself feel better about today's punt.
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