Saturday, November 7, 2009

Automation = Annoying Afternoon

How's THAT for alliteration?  Hmmm?  I spent all yesterday afternoon thinking of it, so I hope you like it!  Kidding - it came pretty easily as Automated calls and Annoying seem to go hand in hand.

So yesterday afternoon was a personal day.  I spent the morning in meetings that were, how can I say it? 

Nicely, that is. 

Hmmm.  Ummmm.  Oh!  Got it! 

"A little less than productive by the time we reached the third meeting."  Yeah!  That's it! 

Anyhoo, I decided to spend Youngest's naptime - power hour(s) - doing things on my personal list instead of my "work" (that free job o'mine) list.  Things like:
  1. Call the United Way.  "Hey guys!  I thought we asked to be billed two times in 2009.  Where's our second bill?  I mean, we could keep the money and all, but didn't we commit to it?  Don'tcha need it after this crippling national recession?  Hello?"  Got the machine with multiple, and I do mean multiple, instructions for the message.  No clue if I met them all, but they're supposed to let me know within 3 business days.  Can't wait! 
  2. Call Time Warner to tell them that their new Pay Xpress system just isn't workin' for me.  So here is the most fascinating story ever.  HA!  Rant ON:  I access website from the email they sent.  I can only proceed if I use my account number.  I haven't had paper bills for EVER (doin' my part to be green you know) and have NO CLUE of my account number.  I call and travel around the automated system for 4minutes, 33 seconds.  Get a body who gives me my account number.  I type it in and it takes me to a screen asking for my customer code.  Guess where you can find your customer code?  Yeah, smarties, the paper bills that I haven't had for EVER.  I click where it says "click here if you've gone paperless."  It gives me the phone number that I JUST CALLED.  I call back.  I'm a little less friendly this time after navigating through 3 minutes 22 MORE seconds of automated voices.  I get the customer code and click to create my account.  It tells me I've already created an account and to click "here" for an email reminder.  It only sends me the password.  So I have to go back through AGAIN, navigating through to get an email reminder for my username.  And at long last, approximately 29 minutes and 4 dog years later, I am registered with PayXpress.  Progress is great, just wonderful.  Backbone of life.  But sometimes, SOMETIMES, I think having a little log cabin with a woodburning stove, churning butter and waiting for the PONY Express instead of having to sign up for PAY Xpress would maybe reduce the stress and complications of our fast-tracked, technologically advanced, "easy" world.  Ok.  Rant OFF. 
  3. Send my In Laws their "assignments" for Thanksgiving.  Lord knows I can't take on the entire dinner for the first time myself.  Didn't get to it - somethin' about being tied up over the cable bill for 1/2 hour.  Maybe I'll make it a super witty email and post it here for giggles.
  4. Watch 90210.  Yes, seriously.  I know, I know.  I don't even know if I like this show, but there is a train wreck, what-will-they-think-of-next basis for coming back every week.  Anyone else want to admit they watch?  I won't tell.  ;)
Today?  Whole Foods - love that place.  Truly, I do.  The cheeses, wines, gorgeous produce secction . . . I also love estimating how much I've spent as I unload my goodies on the belt to find out I actually spent 30% MORE than my estimation.  Organics may be good for us, but they AIN'T cheap!  If I could only get them to sell Diet Pepsi so I could do one stop shopping, I'd be set! 

What?  Diet Pepsi is neither organic nor good for you?  You MUST be serious.  :)

Tomorrow - Super Sunday Series.  Hurray!
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