Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little Secrets on a Saturday Morning

I had a great post planned for this morning about little things I do around the house that no one notices.  I was even thinking about "outing" myself a little bit.  At least using my real name and state.  I'm getting kind of tired of keeping up with the anonymity.  At least with myself - it's worth it for the kiddies.  To me. 

But now it's a post, once again, about my fatigue on a Saturday morning.  It's starting to feel like this:

Let's say everyone starts the day with their "happiness dial" at a certain number - say 100.  I like to make things easy that way.  When it comes to math at least.  I have a huge "thing" about doing things in multiples of 5, actually, but I digress.

Back to starting your day at 100.  Throughout the day, your dial rotates back and forth.  The kids bickering over breakfast might dial it back to 90 because they are ANNOYING YOU.  But then on the way to school you hear Party in the USA by little ol'Miley and that dials it up to 110, because hearing your sweeties sing it full blast is so stinkin' CUTE.

By the end of the day, on a great day, you might be at 150.  Say, Thanksgiving night after successfully pulling it off for the first time and receiving tons of compliments (but I'm not stressed!).  At the end of a particularly difficult day, you might be at a 50.  Say, the night before Thanksgiving because you're worried you won't pull it off for the first time (again, no worries here!).

You get it?  The target number for contentment is 100 in my little example.  Anything higher is bonus, anything lower means it's been a bit o' a bad day. 

For the past 3 or 4 Saturdays (I can't pin it down because they are literally running together at this point) I feel like I'm starting my day at a 50. 

This puppy, Lilly, seems to have a real propensity for hours long overnight crying on Friday nights.  Last night it was due to several bouts of diarrhea in the bathroom.  Last week it was because Husband fell asleep on the couch and she could smell him.  The week before that, I don't know.  I do know the week before that was the final night I got up with her because I couldn't take it anymore. 

Obviously, somethin' different's happenin' on the weekends that is messing her, and therefore moi, up.  In the middle of the night, listening to her, I am so furious, I'd put the dial on a 10 - it's that bad.  By morning, I'm probably up to a 50.  Not happy.  Today it's probably starting at a 40 due to the mess I got to clean up in the bathroom as well.

So I can look at this optimistically and pessimistically, right?

Optimist's approach - I have no place to go but up.  It can only get better. 

Pessimist's approach - There's no way I can get to maximum contentment on the dial (100), let alone really happy (>100), when I'm starting at a 40. 

What should I choose, friends?  Today's the BIG GAME in our college town.  The game many people wait for every year.  In a very short time, we're supposed to go to a 100 person driveway party, featuring a band.  We're bringing doughnuts.  And I'm listening to Youngest sing "Gwinkle, Gwinkle wittle star" through the monitor as I finish this, rather than waking up crying. 

Yes, I agree.  MUST go the optimist's route.  "We" have a game to win today.  :)

Super Sunday Series tomorrow - tips and tricks on dealing with your little perfectionists, or your own perfectionism. 

Have a great Saturday.  Go Team!
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