Friday, January 1, 2010

Dear So and So - New Year's Edition

Welcome to the New Year's Day version of Dear So and So.  After you finish here, head over to Kat's blog to see what the other Dear So and Sos are up to!  Or even better, make it a resolution to link up through hers each week and write your own! 

Dear New Year's Resolutions:

Barf.  Let's do it again, K?  We pretty much dance the same dance every year.  **Editing note:  I have literally written this sentence 5 diff times and find a different mistake every time.  Can it really be that complicated?**  How 'bout this year we keep the train a-rollin' longer than, say, 3 months?  How 'bout my main resolution be "that I am still successful in all my resolutions on December 31st, 2010.  THAT would be success. 

See the remaining letters for why this is so difficult

Dear holiday eating:

This morning I'm on the "what in the HELL was I thinking" train and am annoyed (practicing my nice words again).  Here's the thing about me:  I'm really good at not dieting, I'm pretty good at dieting and I'm JUST AWFUL at maintaining.  Anybody else have this issue?

Can't WAIT to get back in the winter weight loss saddle, Really.  Seriously.  Can't WAIT.  Maybe I'll go think about it over French Toast and Mimosas.  And bacon.

Dear Plan to organize:

I'm really good at having a messy house, I'm pretty good at getting things organized and I'm JUST AWFUL at maintaining an organized state of non-clutter.  All the time.  With everything in its place. 

Need a Live In Organizer

Dear Exercise plan:

I'm starting to see a pattern here!  I'm really good at not exercising at all, I'm pretty good at going at it hard core to get back into shape, I'm JUST AWFUL at maintaining a healthy exercise schedule.

Don't I Want to Live to a Ripe Old Age? 

Dear Organic food:

I'm really good at shopping at Kroger.  I'm pretty good at getting to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to do a more sustained organic lifestyle - every now and then.  I'm JUST AWFUL at keeping up the rotation between three grocery stores to get the diverse organic selection I desire (which, of course, I don't even know what that entails since I don't get there often enough).   Plus who's givin' up Diet Pepsi or Coke?  Not moi.

Bring Diet Drinks to Whole Foods in 2010

Dear Super Freakonomics -

Thanks for the quote.  Now I no longer need to think I'm lazy, unmotivated over the long term, can't follow through or uncommitted.  Because sometimes when I start these yearly resolutions, I wonder. 
"The brilliant rationalist had encountered a central, frustrating tenet of human nature:  behavior change is hard."  Page 148.
Isn't it great to be normal? 

Dear Optimism -

Still there?  Good.  I'm gonna need ya.  Now off to eat some bean curd and tofu for breakfast, followed by a 3 mile run, a trip to Whole Foods and a trip to Target for my organizational essentials.  ;)

Sometimes Optimism is Delusion in Disguise

Dear Readers:

What are YOUR resolutions for 10?  Mine are still under construction, so look for the real ones in a future post.

It's not really THAT bad.  I'm actually super excited for 2010! 
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