Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 years ago - From 20s to 30s - My, my, my

A fun little look at aging from your late 20's to your late 30's. 


1999 - We ended it with a "Millenium Party."  75 people at our house, a karaoke machine and a contest for best "end of the world" item.  As in - if Y2K really happened (at our house, with those 75 people - at least 20 we'd never met, two of which used our spare bedroom turned coat closet to start the New Year off with a BANG, if you know what I mean), what would be our best way to survive?  By unanimous screaming, the blow up doll won.  The Viagra (yes, seriously) came in second.  The party lasted til 4 (that's AM people - we WERE still in our 20s), we allowed smoking in the house (Husband had obviously lost his mind) and found champagne sprays on our walls on sunny days for months.  Our neighbor told us he woke to a "cat dying" around 3am and realized it was just me singing "1999" by Prince over.  And over.  And over.  And linking to it on You Tube makes me want to start singing it AGAIN!  LOVE that song!  But, wait . . . didn't I just write a post about the ridiculous-ness of neighbors singing drunk - late night? 

2009 - We're ending with an early dinner, with kids, at a friend's house - our former next door neighbors.  Likely home by 9  tonight - latest.  Sad, sad, sad.  But happy, happy, happy.  No hangover = good start to 2010.  I always suspected I was starting the New Year off poorly when staying out until practically dawn on the 31st.  No worries about THAT any more!

1999 -  we'd been married 1 year, I practiced criminal defense law, and had recently lost 30 pounds. 

2009 -  we celebrated our 11 year anniversary, my "free job" is far from criminal defense (more like excessive volunteerism in early childhood education) and I've gained still undetermined because I'm afraid to get on the scale a little weight this holiday season.

1999 - sleeping in meant noon and sometimes getting up then was a challenge. 

2009 - sleeping in until 8am would be like winning the lottery.  It'd be like Christmas 360 days early!  Spa vacation!  Losing the holiday weight overnight! 

1999 - weren't we the selfish little punks with no kids yet?  Didn't we know how WE were going to parent kids when they came along?  Much better than everyone else we judged.  Mostly at church.  I've been learning about that karma for about 7 years, 9 months now. 

2009 - Have we now gone from BEING selfish little punks to RAISING selfish little punks?  Maybe not punks (yet - doesn't punkism occur in adolescence?), but I'm having a Circle of Life moment here!

1999 - I knew it all.

2009 - I have so much to learn. 

Bring on 2010 - with learning, living, laughing, loving.  In other words, maybe I'll win the lottery of life.  Or at LEAST stop alliterating with L for cripe's sake! 

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