Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Readers - Some Answers Pour Vous!

This one's for my comment posters.  So if you want a post dedicated especially to you, make some comments!  I love them.

Seriously, I aspire to respond to all comments, but right now, it's overtaking me.  Not responding to the comments, but Christmas, Oldest's current emotional state, LIFE, sleep, volunteering, you get the idea. 

Here are some recent comments that others might enjoy, so I thought I'd share, if you haven't seen them yet. 

Leo - Love your post about getting an extra hour (or more!) in a day on the Dear Santa post.  Yes, wouldn't that be dreamy?  Also, if you haven't checked out Leo's new site,, go see it.  It's devoted to all types of gifted education resources.  I love it, not just because it references yours truly's blog!  It is a comprehensive place to find gifted info, which is great.  Nice going, Leo.

Holli - Thank you for your comment about interpersonal asynchrony.  I would love to refer you to a good resource for that.  I have some great books on behavior.  Would you send me an email at and give me an example of what you mean so I can direct you better?  I might include the topic in a future post as well.

Kirsten - Seriously, I have had chills since reading your comment about the poisoned cookies on my Cookie Monster post.  Talk about scaring the Cookie Monster right out of a girl! 

Easter - Wait til you see my nutrional post for this Sunday.  You will be shuddering at my attitude and inability to follow through!  Thanks for laughing at my over the top sleep "advice," rather than telling me to stick it!  And, for those who haven't found Easter's site yet, check it out at Owl in the Library.

Anonymous Comment from the Sleep Post - I agree!  No matter how much I like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, I've had to modify it with both children at least a little bit.  It provides an excellent foundation for learning sleep basics, but you are right, everyone has different temperaments that need to be taken into consideration.

Thanks everyone, for staying engaged with Gifts 2 Love and your children during the "most wonderful time of year."  See you tomorrow!

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