Monday, December 28, 2009

The clock's ticking and other musings

Remember my goal to complete at least 23 books this year because, for heaven's sake, the last time I read that few books I'd given birth to my first child who cried for 6 months straight? 

I have one more to go and 5 days to do it. 

Can I?  Can I?  Huh, huh, can I?

I'll let you know.  Gotta get back to the grind. 

On another note, here we are in Sunny Florida - if you've forgotten the obnoxious Frosty remix from a few days ago. 

I haven't been on Facebook for 5 days and guess what?  I don't miss it!  I'm kind of over Facebook right now.

What do I miss?  All of the little TLC touches I give my little bloggity-blog every day.  Sigh.  Guess I'll go back to the beach. 

From our last trip to Florida.  Because, sadly, I'm too busy drinking cocktails and sitting on the beach reading People to download pictures from this trip yet.  Oh wait . . . I still have young children.  I'm too busy drinking cocktails and yelling louder than the seagulls to tell my kids "WATCH FOR THE UNDERTOW" in the water.  Just kidding - I'm YANKING them out of the undertow. 

But I'm not too busy taking that puppy out at all hours of the night.  Ahhhhhhhh, sleep GOOD.

Next musing:  I thought people moderated comments b/c they wanted to make sure people weren't posting hate mail before publishing it.  So I was all about NO comment moderation for ME - I can take the hate mail if it comes.  I used to be a Public Defender for goodness' sake!  Talk about hate mail!  Since being here, I've gotten two spam comments - one about vegas gambling and one about someone asking if I think they're sexy.  What do you all do about spam like that?  SO annoying - here I'm all excited that I'm getting comments and it's fake-o ones like that?  Grrrrr.  I might have to moderate after all!

So, the next time I write a post we'll be back in Ohio - sigh.  Poor us.  Unless we don't get out of the airport because of the enhanced security thanks to that idiot who tried to blow up the Detroit airplane.  Seriously?  I thought we had that security stuff all worked out.  Grrrrrr again.

And finally, I hate cilantro.  Just had to get that out there.  I feel all better now.

See ya on the flipside!
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