Thursday, December 10, 2009

The $50 Bottle of Wine

In a moment of je ne sais quoi (what IS it with the French this week?), I bought a $50 bottle of wine.  In September.  For a special occasion.

What constitutes a special occasion for such an extravagance?

I've bandied about a few ideas, but just can't.  quite.  hit it.  Maybe part of the problem is that when you put a big expectation on something like this, maybe no occasion will make it "worth it."  Kinda like when Oldest used to build up her expectations about certain things and I didn't yet know that in order to avoid a meltdown, she had to learn to view things from a more realistic angle.  Like it's OK not to sit next to every child at every birthday party for the cake part.

Anyway.  Back to Vino - what I've named her.  She's a full-bodied kinda gal, she'd better be for that price.

Maybe I should just give her away.  Oh, but wait.  That'd be nuts.

So I'm gonna throw out a few ideas, you tell me what you think of them, or give me some of your own.  Keep it clean, people, I'm trying to run a PG ship here (Which is one reason I'm going back through my early  posts and cleaning up my summer time trucker mouth.  So if you want to see the "old posts" before they become "new, and less obnoxious" posts, read my early ones now.)!   

Idea #1 - When I finish the bulk of this strategic plan I'm chairing.  For many reasons, this is tough to measure as it's a fluid process, but for the most part, that would put Vino on tap for this week or early next week.

Idea #2 - When the strategic plan is approved by the Board of Directors - which will hopefully be mid-January.

Idea #3 - When I reach a certain weight on the scale.  Much easier said than done at this point of the year, my pretties.

Idea #4 - When that puppy, Lilly stops waking me up at night.  Has to happen eventually, right?

Idea #5 - When I get through a day without, at some point, showing my kids how frustrating they are right now.  Hmmm, incentive?    ***I might have actually done that yesterday, but I DID show "some frustration" with a dog who wouldn't stop running away from me in 50 mph winds.  F-U-N, FUN!

Get the idea?  It needs to be just right, but not over the top.  It needs to be during a day when I can do it without being "on the run."  Some kind of  "special reason" needs to be involved.  Or does it? 

Give Vino and I your thoughts.  We're holding our breath over here.  Actually she's holding her breath until she's corked, so don't worry so much about her. And yes, I'll share with Husband.  I'm nice that way.
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