Monday, December 14, 2009

Extremely Important, Random Thoughts

Is there a juxtaposition in the title?  Just asking.

Does anyone else wonder about this stuff?  (Submitted by a random sample of people in our family).

  1. Now that Grissom has left, is the original CSI jumping the shark?  Didja SEE Thursday's episode?
  2. Why are avocado pits so large?
  3. Will snail mail Christmas cards become a thing of the past?
  4. Now that I've had my H1N1 vaccination, can I stop washing my hands?
  5. Does everyone's dryer steal one sock per pair as slowly and relentlessly as ours does, eventually leaving all of us with no matching socks on a Sunday night before heading back to school and work?
  6. At what point does your drafty, old house get so drafty that you are actually living in a tent for the winter?
  7. Which would be the better reality show to compete in - Big Brother or Survivor?
  8. How long would it take to drive Route 66 from start to finish - with children <10 years old?
  9. What's more important in your child's school environment - the opportunity to develop socially or academically?
  10. And finally, did little Pluto's feelings get hurt when it got demoted from planet to dwarf planet?
Give me your answers!  Depending on the comments I get, one (or more!) of these lucky questions might become a future post - Random Thoughts - Solidified . . . or something super witty like that.  I will do it up right - theory, research, analysis, conclusion.  So make sure you vote!  (Even those of you who send me a separate email, rather than comment - you know who you are).  :)

Because it's all about the fun and games over here, people!
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