Saturday, January 9, 2010

RSS Feeds - Can you help a girl out?

Poor Missy's trying to figure out how to put an email feed on her sidebar for my friends who keep trying to subscribe, can't, then email, text or call me to tell me how that makes them feel.  And I need to help my poor friends succeed in their need to stay connected to me at all times!  But I can't even seem to perfect the current feed I have.  Can you help a girl out?

  1. Take the poll to the right to share your expertise about "feeds."  (And I don't mean food, I AM an expert in that kind of feed.)
  2. Try to subscribe to my feed right above the poll to see if it works (heh, heh, heh - isn't THAT a crafty way to get followers?).  One would say YES, IT IS, but I'm guessing you're going to get an error message and I need to know!
  3. If you "get it" (how to do email feeds, that is) and want to help a girl out - either leave a comment and volunteer your time to the cause OR email me at  I promise mucho wit and a personal mention (touting YOUR wonderful blog, of course!) to the altruistic lovebird who rescues this damsel in distress!
It's hard to maintain a happiness project resolution when you spend a Mother-You-Know-What HOUR on "fixing a feed" and still don't succeed!!!!!!!!!! 

As always, much love.   :)
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