Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Title - Expanded Focus

So I've been thinking.  Which beats sitting around staring at the wall.  Unless I've been out veeeeerrrrrryyy late the night before. 

I had an offline conversation recently with a new follower.  I shared why I started this blog.  Primarily, it was so my head would stop being in danger of exploding.  I had too many thoughts with no place to put them.  When you have young children AND it's summertime, you don't get a lot of time to "download" your thoughts, if you know what I mean.  Purge them, talk about them, OR release them . . . from your brain. 

And I didn't want to lose my patience over their "kid-ness" only because my brain was always full of the topics I wanted to talk about.  But had no one to talk to about them (except Husband).  All of this equalled the birth of Loving Your Gifted Child. 

And I'm so happy I did!  Gosh - to have met as many people as I have who share in the same joy and consternation I do about raising a gifted child has been immensely gratifying. 

BUT.  (There always is.)

I've found that I like writing just as much as I did before I went to law school and had all of my creativity sucked out of my marrow, only to be filled up with analytical thinking.  Not that that's a bad thing - mind you, attending law school taught me that I have a tremendous, almost disorder-like analytical side.  Yay me.  But I missed being creative for so many years and now that it's back I want it to stay.

SO.  What's the point? 

I'm not limiting this blog to raising gifted children.  I want it to be so much more and it already is!  And, because I want everyone to know it's MORE than a gifted child blog, I'm altering its title.  I don't want to scare people away from being involved with the blog based on the title of it.  It really is so much more

And it's not a major alteration (I'm not that adventurous!  I break into hot flashes just thinking about moving from Blogger.).  It's more of a tweak, really. 

Therefore, Loving Your Gifted Child will now be called (drumroll, please) . . . . .

Loving Your Child's Gifts

Told ya it wasn't major, didn't I?  

Oldest is so much more than just gifted.  She has many "gifts," if you will.  And Youngest, she's the shining beacon of happiness here, with her 2 year old goodness (or badness, depending on the emptiness of her stomach).  And frankly, I have a lot more to say about life than just having a gifted child.   

Don't worry, Super Sunday Series is still on.  I have an entire year's worth planned already, remember? 

Being a mom has given me many, many gifts.  Not just the gift of giftedness.   I wanna share it all.  With you.  So join me, won't you?  We'll do it together (or togesser, as Youngest would say).
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