Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear So and So - it's Friday Follow!

One of my favorite days of the blogging week!  Dear So and So provides fun, frolic and a little bit of bite, all in one post.  If you like it, head over to Kat's place and see what the other Dear So and So crews are up to today!

Dear Blogger Comment Sections:
When I forget to do the word verification on someone's comment and I click away, losing the comment and then either have to retype it or leave it and go on, I want to claw my eyes out with a shrimp fork.

Why Cant'cha just show the word verification when I'm writing the comment, why does it have to come after I click publish?  Hmmm?  Why?  WHY?

Dear Blogging advice post I read this week:
I agree that commenting on other people's blogs is important and helps spread the love around the blogosphere, I really do!  But when you tell me that to really make an impact I should be commenting on 50 blogs/day, I say "surely you jest."  And if you're not "jesting," what in the world do you do besides blogging?  Do you realize how long it would take to comment on 50 blogs/day?

Couple extra hours in the day wouldn't hurt a girl

Dear Youngest:
I love you, sweetie!  You know Mommy does.  BUT.  Getting croup Wednesday night was not part of the week's plan.  Having to take you to my OB/GYN appointment yesterday morning instead of sending you to school wasn't on my "things that make me happy" list.  Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I have a crush on my OB and you kind of interrupted the mojo, sister!  I only get to see him once a year and taking my little croupy lovebug with me wasn't my idea of how to maximize my time with him.  5 minutes every 365 days ain't much time to catch up and bond!  And really, how could I not crush all over him?  He delivered you and your sister.  He delivered your sister on his own birthday.  He saved my life when things got a little hinky with you.  He replaced your arm when you tried to come out arm first - without even hurting you.  Lots of reasons to love, right?  So next year, next YEAR (as in 365 days from today, child), Momma ain't takin' any little guests with me.  Got it???

Was that TMI for a 2 Year Old?  No matter, with your 104.4 temperature last night, you won't remember this conversation anyway, will you pumpkin?

Dear Lost
Pant, pant.  I'm, pant, pant, breathless with anticipation over your pending arrival back in my life.  Pant, pant.

Please live up to the hype.  Please give me everything I've waited 5 years for.  Please.  If you don't, I'm not watching you next season.

Dear poll I put on the sidebar:
Sigh.  Not many votes and Husband, Oldest and Youngest won.  Sigh.  I suppose I've branded them that way, so we must stick with it.  Sigh.  NEXT blog I start, I'm coming up with super-catchy names for my family.

S'OK.  I actually think of them in real time that way now.  Like, "uh-oh, time to go pick up Oldest."  Or "hmmm, wonder what Husband and I should do for date night tonight."  Not kidding.

Dear Person next to me at lunch on Wednesday:
Yeah.  When you're talking loud enough for me to hear you from two tables away as I waited for my late lunch companion, you were not impressing me.  Save the impressive business talk for drunk bimbos in their 20s.  You managed a "10 million piece of a 1 billion division of a 7 billion parent company?"  Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhttttt.  Because people who actually do have that kind of responsibility talk about it loudly and obnoxiously at lunches.  That's how they keep their jobs - bragging about their stats, isn't it?  Not quite, bozo.

And I'm Oprah's top advisor - from Ohio - did I say that loud enough so it seems true?

Dear Friday Followers
Hi!  I had a good time meeting many of you last week!  Let's do it again, shall we?  Check it out at Midday Escapades, One 2 Try or Hearts Make Families (who is taking the week off due to technical issues).

If I get to 100 followers today, the 100th follower gets your button on my sidebar for the month of February! Bring it!  

Ta-ta for now!

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