Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear So and So

It's Dear So and So day!  Yippee!  Fun!  After reading about my "issues" this week, head over to Kat's place - for some more hootin' and hollerin'! 

Dear That Puppy Lilly

Hi.  This week we celebrated our 3 month anniversary of owning you.  Here's a recap of each month, one sentence each:

1st month - I can do it, it won't last long!
2nd month - What in God's name have I done?
3rd month - You are no fun.  At all.  (ok, that was two)
4th month - The times, they are a'changin' - b/c Momma's goin' all Alpha Dog on you, little Missy.

Doesn't it feel GOOD to take charge and Alpha Dog something?  Will you LOOK at that submissive pose you're striking?  Now THAT'S what Momma like.

Dear That Puppy Lilly - AGAIN:

Now that I'm all Alpha Dog on you, let's get something straight.  Eating the rabbit dung in the yard is making me want to hurl.  Then coming in and wanting to licky, licky my facey, facey.  HURL.

Gross doesn't even begin to describe it - I might like it better if you licked YOURSELF before trying to lick me.  Ok, maybe not.

Dear Hair Dresser/Babysitter -

You know how to make a girl feel good too.  Thanks for the awesome hair.  And thanks for loving my children. 

When does a woman get to old to be unnaturally blond?  Whatever the answer, I'm doin' it 10 years longer. 
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