Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do you do when . . .


What do you do when people, ADULTS, kind of mock your child for their choices? 

Way back in the beginning of the summer, Oldest did a creative writing camp that she loved.  LOVED.  Right up her alley in how it fit her personality. 

At the end of the week, she had sharing day.  Husband attended and was amazed by her diction, projection, creativity and confidence.

That evening we all went to the pool and one of the Moms there said, "Hey, Missy, what kind of camps does Oldest do?  Sports?"

I said, "No, she actually just finished a writing camp.  It was an awesome one." 

"Riding camp?  Like horses?  That's so cool!"

"No, actually, writing camp.  Like creative writing." 

"GET THE FUCK OUT.  You put your child in a writing camp?  In the summer?  What kind of kid is she?"  Laughing. 

"Well, actually, she loved it.  It plays to her strengths.  She's a very creative girl."

"Yeah, but.  We just do sports all summer.  I wouldn't THINK of putting my kids in academic camps.  But whatever works for you!"  Laughing, while walking away.

Is it any wonder kids try to "hide" their giftedness?  Why parents of gifted kids downplay it, hide it themselves and therefore send the message to their own child that their brainpower is something to be embarassed by?

This notion that if your kid's involved with sports it's something to sit around with other parents, talking about it, strategizing about it, lamenting about the "travel schedules" is so tiresome to me.  I sit and listen to parents do this and sometimes they turn to me and say, "What sport is Oldest in?"  As if that's the only thing worth talking about when it has to do with your child.  No wonder I feel isolated.

I think I need to start a Parent Support Group for Gifted Children.  I wish SENG's educational materials  could be had without attending a weekend conference that requires flying halfway across the country. 

Thank goodness for the internet and the "gifted friends" I've made through that.    
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