Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happiness is a lovely weekend

I didn't get my Monday Happiness post in because my family and I were continuing our 4 day celebration of July 4th. 

July 4th has rocketed (get it?) into the top holiday slot for me in recent years.  It is filled with fun and freedom (get it?) from any and all obligations except those that we choose ourselves.  In other words, it's not an extended family holiday for us and I love that.  (For all of you family members who read this - no offense, people.  We all know that sometimes the best times are those spent with your own personal, immediate family.  I still love you all.)

That being said, our dance card was quite (QUITE) full this weekend, but I stress, with activities planned by, executed by or attended by just us.  Bliss, really. 

One of the weekend "dates" was a trip to see Toy Story 3 with Oldest.  OMG!  Am I late to the party here?  It was heart-wrenchingly sad.  I'm talking hitching sobs coming from not just me, but Oldest too (which, of course, made me cry even harder that SHE'S crying over the recognition that some day she's going to grow up and leave us).  The part at the land fill, you know, when they all start holding hands?  OMG AGAIN!  The two of us were crying so hard we were wrapped up in each other's arms like a couple of babies!  AND WE WERE IN THE FRONT ROW because we got there late.  Nice.

It was the kind of time with her that I will remember forever.  We spent the kind of afternoon that makes me say she is the best kid ever.  Her empathy and deep emotions - if she can learn to protect them from the tramplers ENOUGH - will help her become quite the humanitarian someday.  She is such a feeler and I love that about her. 

Other than that, we had parties, fireworks, parties, family time, togetherness and parties.  And we marched in our local parade!  So fun  and our first time.  The girls had a blast.  Here are pics of some of the weekend fun. 

This is a picture of me "on fatigue" apparently.  I was not loaded, though it looks like I was.  I was very, very tired.  I wouldn't include it, but I'm sometimes called out for including pictures that are flattering to me and a little less so to the others, so here it is.  So good of the others, you get zombie girl too.

I hope that your 4th was safe.  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of a weekend like this it's easy to forget the meaning behind the holiday.  We talk about "safety" on the 4th of July and mean it about things like stray fireworks and drinking accidents, drownings or boating accidents. 

Our safety, however, is fully tied up in the fact that we are safe from tyranny, oppression, genocide and (hopefully) terrorism.  THAT kind of safe is just as important as "holiday weekend" safe.  Actually more important.  Without this kind of safe, we wouldn't even get to "weekend safe." 

Happy 4th - belated. 
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