Monday, July 19, 2010

My Happiness - The Good Side of Blogging

What do you love about blogging?  How is it connected to your happiness?

Blogging makes me happy because it gives me an outlet.  I can emote about things that I may not emote about to the check out lady at the grocery store.  Why can't I just open up a word document and emote there, though?  Why does it have to be blogging?

Because I might connect with people while emoting.  And no matter how much I like to hide behind my books or computer, no matter how much I like to be home rather than out and about, I need affirmation from people.  So emoting into a word document, while more satisfying because I would have to edit less, would be less satisfying because I'm not going to connect with anyone. 

I really like some of the people I've met blogging - people who I would have never met through Facebook or in public.  People I certainly wouldn't have met in a word document!  For that reason, I am so happy I began blogging close to a year ago.  I can't believe it's already been that long!

So what will I do for my one year Blogging-versary?  Wait and see, wait and see.  It's August 8th. 

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