Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer half gone

Poof!  At the end of today, our summer is halfway over. 

How does this make me feel?

Relief - we've made it to the halfway point with no major incidents

Sadness - I'm so busy this summer, I feel like I'm missing all of the relaxation.  A mentor of mine says that modeling positive involvement in an organization will help raise kids who are committed to their community and understand the importance of philanthropy, but sometimes when my 2 year old wakes up and says, "Mommy, what meeting do you have today?"  I wonder.  Or when my 8 year old says, "you're very busy, Mommy," and she's a perfectionist, it makes me worry that what I'm modeling is that she has to be running, running, running to be doing the right thing. 

Fatigue - that's just on my list at all times.  No matter what I'm doing or feeling, I'm just plain tired anymore. 

Dread - August is hard, no two ways about it.  This school year's going to be hard, no two ways about it. 

Nostalgic - watching your kids grow up right before your eyes makes you think about a lot of things in life.  Mostly how fast it all goes (no matter how long the days are).

Happy - we're having a good summer.  Even with its merry go round aspects. 

So what about your halfway point?  How do you feel about summer?  Good, bad, never want it to end?  Counting the days until the school bus arrives?
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