Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear So and So - Summer hygiene

Head over to Kat's after learning about summer hygiene!

Dear So and So -

If cleanliness is next to godliness, is uncleanliness next to demonic possession?

Just asking, because it would be nice to know how seriously I need to take my uncleanliness

Dear summertime hygiene -

One of my favorite things about summer is that I need less clothing layers.  One of my least favorite things is that I walk around "just ripe, maybe one day short of rotten" in my personal hygiene.  I do not know why it's so hard to shower in the summer.
If you smell me coming down the street, walk on by, don't say something that will make me cry.  I KNOW already. 

Dear car that just got detailed -

When I took the car seat off the seat, I nearly wept with embarassment that I had to allow someone else to SEE the grime AND clean it.  Not one to be embarassed by other people cleaning my things (I've been known to farm out laundry, ironing, and I have cleaning people come bi-weekly - God BLESS them), I was mortified and drove home thinking I was the most slovenly pig on the planet.

Then I mentioned this feeling to the service department on pick up and he replied, "Yeah, that was dirty, but we've seen it sooooo much worse."  Whether you were lying to make me feel better or whether it was true, I don't care.  Bless YOU, service department man
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