Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Tipping - not Cows

Two weeks ago I wrote about my fervent dislike of tip jars.  I enjoyed some great comments, where people shared their thoughts on tip jars.

So I thought about it some more (because I have nothing else to do) and looked at where I tip heavily and why:

Airport Baggage Handler - Especially if they go above and beyond.  I know I'll not see the same person again, but there's something about heavily tipping a baggage handler, then your luggage appears on the other end of a flight.  Call me superstitious.
Garbage people - At Christmas - can you imagine a harder job than this?  If you can, share it in a comment.
Hairdresser - Completely selfish - I figure if she's happy with my tips, she'll work harder on my hair - plus it's a long term relationship, not much unlike a relationship you have with a psychologist - why is that?
Breakfast and lunch wait staff - They work just as hard for bills that are 1/2 to 3/4 lower than a dinner bill - I usually tip 30% or more -and got this idea from my dad.  On a $10 bill, what's it hurt me to give the person $3 instead of $2?
Teachers and school staff - Can you thank these people enough?  Ever?  They have our children for the equivalent of a full time job weekly and I try to let my generosity reflect that.
Newspaper delivery person - And my paper is never in the bushes.

Most of my over-tipping is self-motivated, frankly.  I should be embarassed by this, but I'm not.  I'm altruistic in other ways, I like to think (like excessive volunteerism, for one).

So I'll throw it out to you again - have you ever thought about where you tip heavily and why you do it?  I really hadn't until I thought about how much I hate tip jars.
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