Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear May
I welcome you with fear and loathing into my heart.  You are just as busy as December, if not busier.  I love you for your nice weather.  I fear you for your proximity to summer.

Shouldn't this be a month to kick back and relax?

Dear Summer Vacation -
You are now 5 short, short, short weeks away. 

Hold me, I'm scared

Dear Children -
With our new TV restrictions that everyone L-O-V-E-S, what are we going to do to fill those 14 hour summer days? 

Mommy's actually pretty excited for summer with you guys - I'm just having transition anxiety a month early.  At least my kids get it honestly.  Transition anxiety, that is. 

Dear 10,000 views -
I'm closing in.  Will it be today?  Spread the word?  Help a girl out?
Milestones get me excited

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