Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear So and So - Birthday Edition

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Dear 39 year old body and brain -
You didn't need to be quite the baby you were being at the beginning of this week.  Everything turned out just fine and you had a great time too!  Kids?  Darling and uber-well-behaved.  Husband?  Attentive and sweet.  How about you lay off the eating a little bit though?  At the rate you're going, you're going to need an intervention.

Maybe 39 won't be so bad after all

Dear laptop birthday present -

Me love you.

Sitting on the couch blogging is pretty AWE-SOME!

Dear best family dinner EVER -

We go every year.  So fun, even if it is always in time for the early bird special. 

I love my family

Dear Youngest -
I love your newest "fun phrase."  Rock it.  Ever.  You know it sister.  We will rock it.  Forever.

I also love that you eat Curry Rice for lunch with Mommy.  With Chopsticks.

Dear Oldest -
First Communion tomorrow.  Recognize the import and act accordingly.  Don't dwell too much and freak out.

I'm worried about  being a teary puddle when I watch you tomorrow.  Maybe I need to take my advice to you, hmmm?

Dear Readers:
Thank you for the many birthday wishes yesterday.  Much appreciated.

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