Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Worst Part of Vacation?

Airport bathroom trips without Daddy are the WORST part of vacation.  Seriously.  My respect for single parents knows no bounds when this catastrophe occurs.

Let me set the scene:

Arrival at airport two hours early after a harrowing almost-missed-our-flight-last-year-fiasco-lord-knows-not-cutting-it-that-close-this-year:  discover flight delay of 30 minutes.  (now have 2.5 hours to kill with overexcited children - Oh.  Lord.  Help.  Me.)

A-ha!  Play area, then lunch.  Brilliance.

Completely wear them out playing.  Allow their natural exuberance to be felt throughout the play zone.

Wash hands on way to lunch.  So EWWWW in airport play areas.  Am assured no one needs to potty yet, we can all potty after lunch - before flight.  Mea Culpa on believing THAT tall tale.

Lunch:  get seated - with two children, car seat and 30 pound carry on (Momma needsa lotta things to do on the flight).  Order lunch.  

"Mommy, I needa go pottay."

"No.  We're getting ready to eat lunch.  You can wait."  (She really can - total camel)

Doubles over, crosses legs, says, "Can I just go in my diaper?"

"You don't have a diaper on.  DON'T GO YET!"

"Waitress?  I swear we're coming back, even though we're taking everything but our drinks to the out of the restaurant potty halfway down the terminal.  Swear."

Drag car seat, carry on, Oldest, Youngest and self to potty - at light speed.  Mission accomplished.  Minor shenanigans ensue - like both children sitting on the changing counter while I pottied, laughing at my "method," so to speak.  Who needs privacy when you have kids, right?  Or Blogs . . .

Moral of the Story?

I missed Husband the whole trip, but not nearly as much as this moment.  Had he been with us, it would have been soooooo much easier.  Like leave Oldest, car seat, and carry on with him, whisk Youngest down the hall.  Back in a jiffy.  But I wouldn't be writing about THAT happening, would I???  That would be B-O-R-I-N-G.

Ah, well, all's well that ends well.  Youngest pottied AND slept on the return flight.  Bliss.

And I just successfully inserted the word "well" 3 times in 7 words.  Can anyone top that literary brilliance today?
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