Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rockin' Awards Day!

I am long overdue to thank people for the lovely, lovely, lovely blog awards I've received over the last two weeks.

First, my most humble apologies for not writing about this sooner.  Last week I got a little caught up in the revelry of life.

Second, many thanks to the following bloggers for the following awards:

b sparkly for the

"You're going places" Award.  Why, thank you, b Sparkly!  I think you're going places too, baby!

Midwestern Mama for the "Sunshine Award"
From one midwesterner to another, thank YOU!  Here's to a spring FULL of Sunshine, right?

Zen Mama for the beautiful blogger award.

No, no, Zen Mama, YOU are the beautiful blogger.  Truly.  I love your posts.  :)

And I think there was one called "kewl blog?" But for the life of me, I can't find it.  If anyone knows what I'm talking about and wants to tell me so I can properly thank the sender, please do!

Now, enter the heavy breathing, drum rolls, breathless anticipation, or whatever else you need to do to feel suspenseful, but here are my recipients of these lovely, lovely, lovely awards.

 goes to Dalia at Generation X Mom.  Anybody who can make me lie awake nights worrying about the things she shares has definitely gotten my attention and is definitely going places.  :)  Congrats, Dalia!

 is going to the lovely 504 Main.  Holly always injects positive good humor into her blog and I always leave feeling better about myself through what she's written.  Congratulations, Holly!

 goes to Hippie Mommy.  Sarah has a spirited, wonderful, son and her posts remind me of a place I lived in about 4 years ago (emotionally, that is).  She uses heartfelt emotion to work through her days and therefore wins Beautiful Blogger.  Congratulations, Hippie Mommy!

Alas, I am now all caught up on my awards.  Until next time's ceremony, have a beautiful, sunshiney day going to all the places you go today!

If you received an award, I have violated many rules in the giving.  So I guess I'll make up my own rules to pass them along - just give them to someone you like and admire on the web!

And finally, if you haven't read enough from me today - go check out my post at Sited and Blogged - I tell you how I really feel about Blogging Awards . . .
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