Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear So and So - Vacation Edition

Dear airplane rides
Be kind to Momma.  Flying alone with a 7 month old and a 5 year old seemed challenging 2 years ago.  Flying alone with an 18 month old and a 6 year old seemed challenging last year.  Flying alone with a rambunctious, zany, highly energetic 2 year old who never stops talking EVER and who gave up her pacifier in February (what WAS I thinking?) and a just turned 8 year old who still wants to ride her Trunki no matter how many times I say it's not happening without Daddy and who also never stops talking EVER seems a little challenging this year.

Maybe a little sleep before leaving would help, but what the heck - let's really play Russian Roulette and have a tired, cranky, slightly over-stressed mommy too

Dear Youngest
By today's count, you've taken 4 headers this week.  Since MONDAY.  I'm beginning to think you're a closet drinker.  Let's try not to get a traumatic brain injury on the eve of vacation, hmmmmm?

Mommy wants to REST on vacation, child

Dear hot water heater
Right.  When you busted on Wednesday that was super fun.  Running sopping wet towels up and down the stairs to wring out outside was uber-cool.  Not knowing whether water coursing like a river under the furnace as it gushed from the hot water heater was a bad thing was super-reassuring.  Roto-Rooter coming within an hour really was reassuring, so thanks for that. Youngest not napping during the debacle was that final touch of AWESOME in the afternoon.

Taking 6 hours to replace your 23 year old self was a great way to practice patience.  Not having the water on for those 6 hours wasn't a problem - we like not flushing the toilet.  Forgetting that Youngest didn't nap until she laid down on the floor crying over how tired she was was a pretty proud mommy moment.  And the $1,681.00 bill was the piece de resistance on a sunny, warm, beautiful Spring St. Patrick's Day.

Seriously.  I can't think of any other way I would have done it.  Can you?  Doesn't that sound fun?  I found it titillating.  But on the bright side, at least it didn't happen while on vacation!

Dear neighborhood sisters who Oldest has a case of unrequited friend love for: 

So it's been 7 months since you rang our door bell.  In that time, I have told Oldest 673 times that "no, she actually can't come down to see if you're home."  Because, see, last time she did that and you guys shot off on your scooters leaving her behind at a stop sign and she felt lost and scared at dusk and was paralyzed with fear to even come home because she was thinking about monsters and scary people, and I was at home having no idea this was happening and thinking you all were playing at your house, like you told me you would be doing?  She may have forgotten that, but I haven't.

I also haven't forgotten when I was in a pinch for a babysitter for a one hour lunch meeting last summer and walked down and asked your dad if she could hang out with you guys and good old Dad checked with your Mom who said "sure, bring her down at 11:30," then when we came down the next day you two and your mom were backing out of the driveway to go to the zoo because she "forgot" (even though we'd discussed it 18 hours earlier) and Oldest cried for the hour in her room while I had a mommy's helper watching Youngest.

I'm a Taurus and a mother and that combination makes for a long, long, long memory.  So this week, when you saw Oldest having a playdate with another girl up the street (who is a much better fit for her), is that why you suddenly have been ringing our door 3 times a day for three days straight?  And then when you told me that if Oldest could come down to visit the other day and your mom would tell her to come home at whatever time I said for her to, and then Oldest didn't come home and Youngest and I went down to pick her up and your mom actually wasn't home and your dad was inside sleeping?

Yeah, all those memories from last summer come rushing back even more.  And guess what?  I'm going to teach Oldest how to play a NEW game this summer.  It's called playing hard to get.  Despite my repeated Super Sunday Posts about friendship in January, this isn't how I envision a healthy friendship.

Maybe this is how it rolls with neighborhood friendships.  It's just not how I roll.

Dear Friday Follow
Bea's Gift Baskets

Hello to you and thanks again to Hearts Make Families, One 2 Try and Midday Escapades.  Link up if you want to meet new people.  I've discovered some genuine, new, engaged and totally fun followers through this link up.  So enjoy if you're interested.

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