Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear So and So.

Head over to Kat's place.  She's got the good ones.  Really.  Me?  Just a shell of Dear So and So this week AGAIN.  Maybe I need more drama in my life.  Yeah, right, forget THAT.  

Dear LOST -

Pant, pant.  Me like.  You could completely blow though, and I'd still like you.  You being my only TV right now and all.

Breathless with anticipation

Dear All Other TV -

Oddly, you are not missed.  Except Gray's.  And Survivor. And The Mentalist.  And CSI.  And Desperate Housewives.  And Brothers and Sisters.  And 90210, or 90-Tool-10 as Husband calls it.  And Criminal Minds.

Easter is 30 days away.  Me like that too.

Dear Strawberry Shortcake Video Youngest picks Every. Single.  Day.  She.  Has.  A.  Turn -.

I might claw my eyes out with a shrimp fork if I hear the "Sherry Bobble Berry" song one more time.

Plus Youngest doesn't even watch it - she comes to find me, hiding here at the computer!  WTH is up with that?

Dear Oldest -
You took that tough love so well, my little friend.

I guess I'll give you those birthday presents after all

Dear Friday Follow -

Wheeeeeeeeee!  Here we go again!  Midday Escapades, One 2 Try and Hearts Make Families make for a fun Friday every single week.

Between Dear So and So and Friday Follow - it's like being Templeton at the County Fair 'round here on Fridays
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