Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silly Bands, Silly Fad

Oldest has discovered silly bands.  Have your children discovered them?  Have you heard of them? 

They are rubbery bracelets made in various shapes.  Kids collect them and trade them.  It's kind of like Pokemon cards from the last couple of years for Oldest.  Gotta catch 'em all! 

Quite literally, she went from not knowing what they were to being semi-interested in them, to now sporting about 20 on her arm.  She has slices of pizza, trumpets, Shrek, hippos, drink cups and more!  And she wants more!  And more!  And more! 

She went on a playdate with 5 school friends the day after school got out last week and they spent much of the day trading them back and forth to each other.  I've heard some schools banned them because of the problems they have caused with learning and concentration. 

So, as a mom, I think they're, well, silly.  Utterly unnecessary and annoying.  A waste of household time in how much she takes them off and on every day.

As a mom with a child who doesn't make friends super easily, I recognize their value as a commonality builder.  As a way to connect, establish bonds, share with other kids on a meaningful level (in kid world, that is). 

As a former kid, I remember this feeling.  We had those safety pin beads we shared and friendship bracelets.  It meant something to give those to certain people and it really meant something special to receive them from certain people. 

So I get it. 

But I still think it's silly. 

Do you?
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