Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear So and So - It's Nothing Personal

Dear, dear So and So.  I missed you last week, my wittle fwiend!  Let's get reacquainted, shall we?  Hello, Kat!  How are you?  Head over to Kat's place now to say hello, everyone.

Dear 500 sites I subscribe to:

Missy had to cut back.  Missy couldn't keep up.  Missy was missing too many good reads because she had too many blogs in her reader.  Missy had to make some tough decisions. 

How could I have authored a blog on blogger for a YEAR (almost) and just now located the "folders" in google reader?  Density - it ain't just a scientific term people - it's Missy in the summer 

Dear Blog Hops:

I haven't done one in awhile - what do you think?  Any good ones going around?  Do you like them?  Think they're fake ways to get followers?  Have you found really good ones through them?

Just askin

Dear new followers:

I'm always looking for witty, soul-searching, let's get through this together blogging friendships.  Remember the rules here, "You follow me, I'll follow you." 

Then I'll only unfollow you 6 months down the road if we never talk to each other after our initial follow.  Remember, nothing personal, just self-preservation

Dear Drunken Mom:

Thank you for providing this entertaining clip to me and others like me.


I'm warning you now, Husband's family.  Whoever we "draw" in the Christmas drawing is getting a shirt that is a variation of this story.  Just keepin it real, people
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