Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of School

The last day of school.  Remember the feeling it evoked when you were a kid. 

Joy.  Exhiliration.  Freedom.  Relief, with a little bit of doubt mixed in as you got into your school age years. 

This is a bitter sweet day for me.  I'm happy to have some time with my kids, but dreading the days where they start bickering 5 minutes after they get up.  I am thankful they (especially Oldest) will get this chance to recharge, but feel like their recharging will happen at the expense of my recharging. 

I'm looking forward to the later bedtimes and therefore, later wake up times! 

And I'm looking forward to family time.  With rules.  Wanna see them?

Summer Time House Rules

1. Put it back after you play with it (downstairs).

2. Rooms get cleaned twice per week.

3. If you take it out of a wrapper, the wrapper gets thrown away.

4. Clear your own plate and one parent’s plate at meals.

5. You hang up your own towels and bathing suits after the pool.

6. No freaking out. Ask for help.

7. Yelling is for outside.

8. Use words to express yourself. No hitting, biting, pulling hair, etc.

9. If it’s out of your room, it’s available to all. If it’s in her room, ask first.

10. Everyone gets 5 minutes to complain about the injustices of life a day. This happens at 5pm.

11. Follow the chore chart. Or else you will get more.

I think we should all get 5 minutes to complain about the injustices of the day, don't you?  Wait . . . maybe that's what my blog is for????

Happy Summer, friends!
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