Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Monster in the House!

A blogging monster, that is.

I recently learned a follower created a blogspot blog for her daughter.  I thought to myself,

"Self, THIS might be exactly what Oldest needs.  A place to emote, a place for she and I to comment back and forth to each other, a place that is all hers."  Self said, "Yes!  Do it!"

Saturday we created a blog for Oldest.  And all I can say is "Yikes.  She has heard the siren's song of blogging."

Recent statements:
"[Insert any subject] sounds like something I want to blog about."
"Daddy, did you know I'm a blogger now?"  (Dad was none-too-pleased until he learned we've restricted access on it)
"When can I blog today?"
"When can I blog today?"
"When can I blog today?"
"You're blogging right now, why can't I?"

It's like crack.  Good crack (is there any?), but crack nonetheless.

And she's witty!  I like reading what she writes - when I can get past the apostrophes on every plural word.  Here's a sample:

i am totally in love with animal's. alvin and the chipmunk's live in my room(maybe). i also take gymnastic's and piano lesson's. i have really long blond hair. when i grow up i want to be an artist or an auther. i can only remember thing's of the past. i am addicted to computer, so that's why i made a blog! i love lady gaga because my sister used to call me gaga and she call's lady gaga lady sister! isn't that silly? oh, and one more thing, (diet) pepsi make's my eye's water!

That's my girl.  I told her someday when she's interviewed on the Today show she can say she started her first blog when she was 7.  

Her response?  "What's the Today Show?" 

Ah, youth.    

And LOST -  Holy Smoke (literally)!  OMG (literally)!   Leave a comment if you're a fan.  I'll know how much to go bananas over it (or not) this season.  Maybe I'll just be jumping up and down in the living room like a kid on Christmas morning and not bringing the love here to Loving My Children's Gifts.

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