Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear So and So - the things I see

Ahhhh, Friday.  Dear So and So day.  Dear, dear So and So.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the followers, words and inches (in snow, see below).  Then head over to Kat's place and check out more Dear So and So zaniness.

Dear Twitter -

What do you do to have followers in the 10s of thousands?  At the rate I'm going (100ish per week), I will have 10,000 followers sometime in January 2012.  I AM a patient girl, but really?

I'm not going to win the Twitter popularity contest in 2010

Dear Comment Word verification -

I've been reading a lot of posts complaining about you of late.  Especially Blogger verification.  I feel for you - it's not your fault your owners put you on their comments.  So I thought I'd -  you know, throw you a bone, since no one likes you?

Recent words you've given me and my interpretation of them:

Dingstu - is that a new Chinese Pot Roast?  Or does it mean someone named Stu is getting rejected?
Halibilu - a new variation of one of my fave words hullabaloo, perhaps?  Or Halibut, I luv you?
And finally, glesture - would that be a "glad gesture?"

I know not the answers.  I just ask the questions.

Do I have nothing better to do than ponder the meaning of comment verification words?  Somebody needs to put this girl to work!

Dear Snow last Friday and Saturday - 

So that was pretty fun.  10 inches on a Friday.  Picking up Oldest early so we all got to spend a snowy afternoon together.  Our fun family trip to BW3 was exciting too - driving in snowy weather and all.  Saturday it was just lovely shoveling snow and getting that great cardiovascular going before 9am.  Hot chocolate party afterward certainly can't be beat!

Weekend snow storms are my favorite kind

Dear Snow this Tuesday and Wednesday

Right - let's recap.  We got 10 inches Friday/Saturday.  Then not 72 hours later we were treated to 7ish more inches.  Which of course means that none of the original 10 have gone anywhere, therefore totalling 17ish inches on the ground?  Something like that.  And it's mid-week.  I don't LIKE snow mid-week.  It messes up the PROGRAM and Missy LIKES THE PROGRAM.

Despite getting nothing done for two days, the time with the kiddos continued to be lovely and my new mantra is "At least we're not on the East Coast where they have more than 50 inches in the same amount of time"

Dear Snow this coming Sunday

Don't even think about it.  It's Valentine's Day and we have our favorite family brunch to go to.  Plus we're at quota.  Got it?

After the first snowfall, snow's only fun to watch when you're watching it happen to other parts of the country

Dear Trendy Treehouse, Midday Escapades, One 2 Try and Hearts Make Families -

Follow Me Fridays ButtonI do enjoy your Friday Carnivals - so I'll hop on for another ride this week.  Thanks for the time and effort you put into such a major undertaking.

Missy the Grateful

Dear Kat -
Have I told you recently that Dear So and So is my favorite day of the week?

How'd you ever think of that?

Dear new visitors and followers -

Officially, let me say WELCOME and thank you for coming!  As most bloggers, I love to hear from you (the good and the not so good - all feedback is a gift!), so keep your comments coming.  I am also working to improve Loving My Children's gift's navigation opportunities, so watch for that!  It's been on my list for a week, but the letters above show why it's still on my list and not on my site.

Much love - let's hold hands and skip through life together, hmmmm?

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