Monday, February 1, 2010

Happiness in February is . . .

Order in the House!  I have to say I'm completely dreading it  thrilled to get some order back to certain aspects of our sadly cluttered home.

Gretchen Rubin, in her book and blog The Happiness Project, did her declutter/organization in January as part of her "get energy" month.  The very thought of decluttering and organizing my "stuff" strikes such dread and fear into my heart that I had to get energy in January in order to have the stamina to pull this off for February.

Think I'm kidding?  The last time I decluttered and organized was 3 years ago - same time of year actually.  I had just learned I was pregnant with Youngest and went into full "prepare the house before I get too portly to do anything but eat ice cream and watch my ankles swell" mode.  It was a fun time.  I actually had to hire a personal organizer for help.

This time - I'm going to try it alone.  Except maybe with a little help from places like 1,2,3 Get Organized, Unclutterer, and Take Control Organizing (none of whom have paid me to promote them, sadly).

So here's the February plan if you want to join up.  My resolutions this month (in addition to last month's resolutions - it's a cumulative project, dint'cha know?) are:

  1. Clear my closets.  Which is actually the whole house.  The goal is to do this, one hour a day (can you HEAR my panicked little heart a-beating even over the internet?) for the first two weeks of February.
  2. Restore, maintain, organize.  The last two weeks of February will be spent "finding a place for everything and everything in its place."  Thump-thump.  Thump-thump.  Thump-thump.
  3. Tidy up at night before bed.  I'm not thrilled with this, especially when added to last month's evening resolutions, but I'll give it a go for one month.  
  4. Train that puppy of ours.  Yes, this does fit.  If I'm bringing order back to the house, then having a moderately trained animal rather than the currently untrained beast is of paramount importance.  
  5. Buy a vacuum cleaner.  Don't even ask.  
  6. Make a list of nagging tasks and begin it.  This is one of my favorite ideas of Gretchen's.  All the little things you ignore about your life - put them on a list and start slogging through them.  #1 on my list?  My wedding ring has been un-attached to my engagement ring for 4 years at least.  It drives me crazy, flopping around multiple times a day.  It's just one of those things I can't/won't bring myself to take the time to do.  Until today.
  7. Make and post inspiring signs around the house.  Poems I like, things we say as a family, etc.  Oldest is going to help and is so pumped about this. 
  8. Start a 1 sentence gratitude journal.  I'm actually going to create another blog to do this.  Just keep it unpublished.
Almost all of these come straight from one of Gretchen's lists.  She came up with some great ones in her year long study and I'm borrowing many this month.  Probably because I can't think straight and come up with my own - that's how much I'm dreading looking forward to this month.  By the way, did you know The Happiness Project will be #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for the week of February 7th?  It really is that good!

#7 and 8 are ways to remind myself to stick with it  - no matter what.  I know we'll all be happier after it's done.  And I'm going to solicit help from Husband, Oldest and even Youngest.  Husband is practically giddy about this month's resolutions.  Seriously.  

As a matter of fact, yesterday was a pretty uninspiring, blechy day around here.  Something about Youngest on her 5th day of fever and all of us having cabin fever.  I decided to jump start the declutter and clean out the upstairs closet.  Drat, I should have taken before and after pictures - totally doing that with the rest.  And guess what?  It felt . . .gooooooooooooooood to do it.  Not nearly as painful as I'd assumed.  

And I can't wait for tomorrow.  Really.  I.  Can't.  Wait.

I am completely open to tips and help.  What you've found works or doesn't in your own organization pasts - Puh-lease help a girl out if you know something I don't.

P.S.  See how close I am to 100 followers?  My offer stands all week - my 100th follower gets your button on my sidebar for the month of February.  If you don't have a blog or a button, let's figure out some other fun way to recognize you for your love!   It IS February after all . . . 
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