Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Just too Much

Today begins a whirlwind weekend for us. 
  1. Girls off school today
  2. Pumpkin patch this morning.
  3. Brother in law's wedding this weekend, which includes rehearsal, dinner, ceremony, reception, overnight at a hotel.
  4. All of the fun and games associated with being in the wedding party - Husband's a groomsman, I'm a reader and Oldest is handing out programs.
  5. My parents are coming to help with Youngest, so I have them to hostess a little bit.
  6. We have a custom made table delivered to our house Sunday.  I haven't even started the process of selling our other table on Craig's List.
  7. Puppy - her name is Lilly!  On Monday.
  8. Just found out that Husband is out of town now Monday morning until Tuesday night. 
Not going to be much time to stop and breathe.  So I  got up early to do things like THIS and my little lovebug Youngest is up there yelling about coming out.  Plus she has a stuffy nose.  Plus there's something wrong with my google analytics.  And I'm not the I/T support around here!

Shit.  :)

Thank goodness I have Sunday's post all ready to go.  So that will go out no matter what.  Thank goodness I got my hair done last week - because good hair always helps with Positive Mental Attitude.  Thank goodness I have this wonderful family to stay totally busy with until Monday - some people aren't so blessed.  Thank goodness we're starting our morning right - at Bob Evan's.

I'm off to the races.  See you at the finish line.
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