Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gymnastics Update

So Husband took the kids to Gymnastics last night.  Yours truly had a meeting and I just don't like sending sitters with the kids to extra-curriculars.  Call me crazy.  Something about them driving my kids around town that I can't get past.

Anyway, I was soooooooo nervous about the three of them going.  Husband is such a great dad and loves our kids so much, but his work schedule is such that he doesn't often get to see them at their "finest," if you know what I mean.  Check out my post on Un-happy Hour to get the visual. 

Would it be good for him to see it?  Sure, of course!  But do I want him seeing a gymnastics style meltdown on one of the only nights he gets to take them.  No.  It would be the reality of life, yes, but I just didn't want him to have a tough go of it last night. 

So I get home from the meeting at 9:25.  The house is completely quiet downstairs, no puppy in her pack and play (great recycling of kid stuff, I think!), no tv, etc.  I head upstairs and there's Oldest on the landing waiting for me with Lilly in her arms. 

Aside from my surprise at finding her still awake at that time of night, I say "hi, honey, tell me about gymnastics."

"It was perfect!  I was perfect!" 

From experience, I can say that her evaluation is sometimes, how can we say it?  Padded toward the positive. 

So I get her to bed, which consisted of saying "get in bed, it's late," and leave the room.  Head down the hall to husband and say, "do I want to know how it went?"

His reply?  "Dude, that kid who coughed the whole time was a total pain in the ass - what was that parent thinking?  Even the teachers were like WHAT THE HELL." 

"Well, that sucks.  What about our kids?  What about you?  Was it fulfilling?  Do you hate me for sending you?  Did Oldest try?  Did she fall apart?  Isn't Youngest so funny the way she goes for it?  DETAILS!" 

"Oh that?  It was great, they had fun.  You going downstairs?" 

Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!  Sometimes you really need a woman to give you the information you need, don't you?

So I guess that means it went well even IF I can't get any info about it.  He did say later, sweetheart that he is, "You made such a good decision enrolling Oldest in this.  She needs confidence in her physical skills so badly and help with coordination.  And Youngest in the foam pit was a hoot.  She's so little she can't get out!"  God, I love him. 

So I guess I got my info after all.  Just not on my schedule.  BUT, gotta take our victories where we can, right?  They did it.  :)
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