Saturday, October 31, 2009

I must be speaking in tongues tonight

I must not be a "hop to it" kind of mom, because my kids are certainly not "hop to it" kids.  Most of the time this works - it's ok to finish reading the page you're on or finish the current game you're in the middle of on the computer.  From experience with Oldest, I know that sometimes interrupting mid-stream will cause more problems than just letting her come to a good stopping point - with boundaries.

Unfortunately this doesn't work when I'm in a "hop to it" kind of mood.  We all have them, right parents?  Those days when we're just not as patient and accommodating as we are on other days.  Mine tend to occur on Saturdays.  See my post about becoming Mom of the Year for a good Saturday example.  I actually entered that post in a contest recently but didn't win.  Poor me. 

Anyway, I digress.  Today is that kind of day for me.  I'm on night 12 of interrupted sleep due to a PUPPY, not an infant, I have no voice (my own fault - we screamed our lungs out at the Our Lady Peace concert a couple of nights ago) and today was "get shit done around the house day."  When I'm in the mood to get shit done around the house, with no voice, with sleep deprivation settling in deeper and deeper (did I mention Lilly has diarrhea - that's not a good combo with effective housetraining), then I know it sounds crazy - I just don't feel like being accommodating! 

And my kids aren't used to this.  So when I say put the book away and go take your shower, Oldest thinks (rightfully) that she can finish it up first.  But when I say "did Mommy just say to put that book AWAY and take your shower?"  I would think she would hear the "you're getting ready to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter tone."  I sure as hell heard it when my mom used it on me.  But she really doesn't.  It might have something to do with her Imaginational Overexcitability, because I think she really doesn't hear me AT ALL. 

And the lack of listening wasn't over major issues today, just annoying, like this one: 

We're reading a 500 page book together right now.  She reads a page, then I read a page and so on.  We do it every night before bed.  It's called The Mysterious Benedict Society, pretty awesome, actually.  Anyway, here it became my turn and I said, "Ok, Oldest, after this page, it's time for bed." 

Oldest:  "Oh, mom, really?  I want to do a couple more pages."  Signifying she WAS listening in this instance.
Me:  "No, sorry honey it's time."  I read the page, get the bookmark.  She takes the book out of my hands and just starts right into the next page!  I'm like, "Oldest, what did I just say?" 

"Ooooohhhhh, Okaaaaaaaay." 

That, and Youngest knows where all the writing utensil hiding spots are now.  I've caught her writing on something inappropriate at least 6x today. 

So no, not a big deal really, just annoying.  On a day where it's easy to get annoyed.  And I certainly have to say that wanting to read books and write are better things to "not hop to it" over, then oh, hmmmm, being told to stop beating the crap out of each other.  Thank goodness we don't have that.  Most days. 

It'll be better tomorrow, though, it always is,  isn't it?  :)
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