Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Gonna Be a Week of It!

The rejuvenation from last week's vacation will be seriously tested this week.  Husband will be working practically 'round the clock, the girls have a lot of STUFF going on after school early in the week and I have a lot of STUFF going on after school late in the week.  4 hour retreat on Sunday.  For a strategic plan.

Plus my brother in law's getting married in two weeks and I want to be svelte for it!  Not bloated and zitty from stress.

PLUS, in between all of the fun above, where's my time going to be to:

  • finish my book, South of Broad
  • watch my (currently 12, but soon to be 20 by midweek) backlogged DVR shows
  • entertain the masses (151 visits and counting, people!) here
Ugh.  Looks like some late nights coming. 


It's so hard when it really CAN'T be "all about me"  :)
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