Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teddy and the Blankie

I've never talked about my children's loveys. 

Oldest has Teddy.  Teddy has, quite literally, been with her her entire life.  I put him in her crib when she came home from the hospital.  We now have three of him (Teddy in Triplicate), but it's always been the "old Teddy" she loves (or pinkish-gray Teddy, as she named him at 4). 

Teddy actually got himself in trouble for a few years and had to stay home.  He just couldn't control himself and kept "making" Oldest say bad things - like Poop, butt, toots, etc.  Bad ol'Teddy.  ;)

Youngest has blankie.  Blankie, you may recall, almost got lost in Florida in March.  I let her bring blankie in the stroller and blankie dropped out, unbeknownst to all of us.  When we figured it out, my Dad, Grandpa extraordinaire (or Bampy to them), retraced our steps all the way back to the beginning TWICE before eventually finding that blankie.  Thank goodness and thanks, Dad.  :)

You know what it is about their loveys that my kids love?  Their satin.  Teddy has a satin ribbon around his neck and blankie is ringed with satin.  Both girls stroke the satin to calm themselves.  The satin gives them comfort.

Teddy and the Blankie are the reasons my children are good sleepers.  One of my sisters still lies down with her daughter at night.  One time I was touting the lovey concept to her and she quipped, "well, obviously I'M my daughter's lovey!"  And it was funny, yet so true.  Had I not pushed the loveys, I don't know that they would have become the independent (from Mommy at least and that's what's important, right?), lengthy sleepers they did. 

So here's to the loveys.  One day, they won't want them anymore.  One day they will be embarassed by them.  When that happens, I will be happy to pick up the pieces of those lovey broken hearts.  They were an integral part of my kid's lives, so that means they will always have a special place in mine. 

Kinda makes me want a lovey of my own, something to calm the daily strife, the internalization of the challenges we face as adults.  Doesn't it?
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