Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shave A Dog - Freak the Family Out

When the groomer called and said I'd rather use the shaver than the clippers, I said, "You know best, does shaving her mean she'll still have hair?" 

She said yes.  And I suppose she DOES still have hair. 

Lilly on May 9

Lilly on May 21st

Oldest bawled and said she looked horrid, Youngest asked what happened to big Lilly and is little Lilly still Lilly, Husband said she looked horrid.

Me?  I found her antics much cuter when she looked fluffier.  But I'm still feeding her, taking her outside, and playing with her.  You know, like a mom.

Moral?  Never think a shaver won't create a noticeable difference. 

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