Monday, August 31, 2009


We were having a hard time with potty language last winter, so we all sat around the table making the following list of FAMILY BANNED WORDS.  Husband asked me to take it down before a party this summer but I forgot (which helps him learn that if it's important to him, please do it yourself!).  EVERY parent, separately mind you, came to me to say how much they liked it, especially the ones written by Oldest.  Were they mocking us?  Hard to tell.  Here it is, may it inspire you to come up with your own BANNED WORD list:
  1. Booty
  2. Fart
  3. Weiner (written by Oldest)
  4. Butt (or derivatives)
  5. Pooper (Oldest) or poop or poopy
  6. Stupid (same thing as Dumb - written by Oldest)
  7. Fat
  8. Hate or Bad Person (written by Oldest - so cute!)
  9. Any 4 letter word that rhymes with duck
  10. Pee (Oldest)
  11. Tooterhead (Oldest)
  12. Poopy Butt (Oldest)
  13. Weiner Belly (Oldest)
You can see that it was degenerating by the end and truth be told, Husband and I were having our own challenges keeping a straight face once Tooterhead and Weiner Belly got thrown into the mix. 

So what's the consequence for this kind of thing here?  A time out lasting as long as your age.  Maybe I'll throw a COUPLE out one day soon and get myself a SEVENTY SIX minute time out, go take a little nap.  ;)
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