Thursday, September 3, 2009

Banned Words Part Deux

We spent the entire summer hearing virtually NONE of the words on the BANNED WORD LIST.  It was a classic case of "Away from site, no longer coming out of mouth."  School's been back for 8 days and Oldest had her first Weekly Thursday Playdate today and what words did I hear emanating from the bedroom?
  1. Fart - I'm not sure any word in the English language is more offensive than this one.
  2. Dummy  - maybe 30 times, as she was whipping Pokemon cards to her friend of the "dumb ones" for her friend to take them to the principal's office.
  3. Naked - this one is new, you're gonna love it!  Her friend suggested undressing all the Barbies so they could do the Booty Blast Dance.  I didn't hear that part - I just heard the "they're naked" part.  Seriously, WTF is a Booty Blast Dance?  And how does a 7 year old come up with it?
The whole point of doing weekly playdates is to help Oldest:
  1. Work on her social skills.  She's really intense.  REALLY.  INTENSE. 
  2. Develop some friendships that are a little deeper than surface.  See #1 for why that's a little harder in this house. 
  3. Work through Problem Solving.  Refer to #1 again.
Got this great plan from a book called "Good Friends are Hard to Find."  I can see that I have my work cut out for me this year. 

Thoughts?  The book says to pull her out and speak to her privately if things aren't going very well (there's nothing in the book about how to handle it when a friend suggests Booty Blast Dances - go figure).  I did pull her at one point, and in sidles Friend to listen in and I'm just not going to call Oldest out like that in front of someone. 

We did a little Post Game Report about what went well (Oldest:  "EVERYTHING - best play date EVER, Mommy!") and where there could be some improvement (Truthfully, I hadn't even heard the "F" word.  She spontaneously volunteered to me that she said "fart."  One of my favorite things about her - she tells the truth no matter how much trouble it might get her into - KEEP THAT UP, BABY!). 

So we'll see how next week goes.  Hopefully the banned words stay right where they belong - on the list, not out of the mouth.
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