Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing the Super Sunday Series

I've been upset about LIFE getting in the way of my blogging this week.  But just because I haven't made a post doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about my little blog baby. 

As much as I want, truly WANT, to be as impressively academic as some of the sites I'm now following thanks to Twitter, I just can't.  I started this blog to help me deal with the daily issues of gifted life.  And let's face it; sometimes the daily issues just aren't glamourously academic.  They're painfully exasperating.  And fun - because sometimes they ARE fun too.

That being said, I am SO happy about being accepted into a gifted community that I didn't even know existed until my good friend Sidney from introduced me!  And I feel like if I don't at least try to raise my own personal bar a little bit for those of YOU from that community, then I will be letting you down.  Because you all rock the gifted advocacy fight.  Seriously, I am not worthy. 

So I am introducing the Super Sunday Series for your academic reading pleasure and for my need to discuss more than just "it's hard to carry my gifted child out of birthday parties screaming."  Because it is about more than that, right?

I will devote my Sunday posts to something of academically gifted interest.  There are so many topics to choose from - I can't wait!  I have all of my books lined up and ready to start digesting and discussing.  I will spend time on the education aspect first, and then do a little personal application, because that's where the fun is for me.  :)

The rest of the week?  Well, it's all about the day to day fun and games of gifted.  Highs, lows and everything in between.  Time permitting, of course.  Did I really think summer was busy?  HA!

But Sunday?  It's all about high level thinking.  Then applying.

Starting next week:  the excitabilities and the gifted child.   Can't wait!  See you then.
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