Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super Sunday Series - Gifted Kids and TV

I've found some parents of gifted kids don't let their kids watch any TV.  I've heard the reasons:

  1. TV deadens the brain.
  2. TV wastes a gifted child's mind.
  3. TV prevents them from being creative.
  4. TV has too much junk for an extremely smart child.
And on and on. 

And I get all that.  Really I do.  But.  But.  But.  But.  But.  But.

I am a parent and I like to complete my days without yelling at my children.  My children are on full speed ahead and their brains do not stop going.  Hardly ever.  For example, tonight they have both been talking so much MY brain is dead just trying to keep up with the questions, observations and "guess whats!?"  that have been going on all, all, all, all day long.

During those 30 minute shows I try to strategically place through the day, however, we all get a break.  They each get one show.  One of them gets one in the late morning, one gets one in the late evening.  And sometimes they can "earn" an extra one through good behavior.  Sometimes they can watch a full length movie if that's the only show they choose for the day (this is usually reserved for weekends). 

Sometimes I don't want to do anything but sit and veg in front of the TV.  I need that down time.  And so do they.  Sometimes after a long, long, long, busy, busy, busy day, I'll give them a "free" day where they get a lot of TV.  Because I look at myself and recognize  that sometimes there's nothing more satisfying than lying on the couch for two hours straight. 

I know we gave up TV for Lent and we loved it.  I'm  not contradicting that.  I maintain how valuable it was.  I also maintain that we all need a little down time - especially in the summer time when we have 12-14 hours in a day together. 

It's all about balance.  And moderation.   And hopefully not rationalization of something I really should say no to. 

What do you do with your gifted children?  No TV?  Moderate amount?  Or tons?  Don't worry, I won't tell. ;)

And I have an announcement to make.  This is my last Super Sunday Series post.  I can't give it the time it needs, so it's time to hang up the Super Sunday.  My 1 year blogging anniversary is one week from today.  I have another announcement for you about that too.  Tune in next Sunday.
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